Our Focus

We are impact driven management advisors anchored in the German healthcare sector. Our focus is strategy and business model development, restructuring, organizational design as well as merger-management. And we accompany our clients throughout their digital transformation – from building startups via creating agile organizations,  fully leveraging connectivity and big data, up to developing specific digital products. We are combining high-end consulting tradecraft with real world management experience. Our passion are straightforward and feasible solutions with measurable P&L impact. 

We do not engage on some abstract benefits of organizations. We are working on specific solutions for you – plain and simple

Our Approach

We see ourselves as a partner for entrepreneurial leaders, who are navigating their companies through fundamental transformations.

We are firmly convinced, that successful transformations are not only determined by high conceptual standards. At least as important is the true fit between solution and the individual management team as long-lasting impact is depending on a positive and true conviction of the executing team. Thus, our approach is centered around three core-principles: 

(1) We place special emphasis on drafting and testing potential options with you at an early stage in our engagement. By this we can quickly identify those solution paths which match your and your team’s DNA and serve as an efficient basis for further detailing and subsequent implemen­tation.

(2) We do not just “involve“ the most relevant members of your organization and those relevant for developing solutions. We truly integrate them to jointly create the central elements of a solution in the spirit of a real partnership. Intentionally, we do not draw work from your team – instead we complement it. Based on our methods and specific situational experience we ensure that your team brings their existing know-how fully to bear and creates targeted solutions – of which it can eventually claim full ownership.

(3) We recognize that entrepreneurial actions always carry risks and uncertainties. Thus, we are not seeking elusive and perfect solutions, which are analyzed and documented in the most comprehensive ways and look foolproof on paper. Instead, our focus is on robust basic solutions and their rapid and agile implementation. And we are not too shy to modify and adapt elements, which do not live up to expectations in real live.

The minds behind revFLect Advisors

We have learned our consulting skills from scratch at top tier management consulting firms and subsequently led successful transformations in senior management roles in the healthcare industry. We have developed digital business models and founded a startup in AI based diagnostics.  Based on this combination of solid consulting know-how and front-line management experience including extensive P&L responsibility we serve our clients in a rather effective and direct way.

Dr. Marc Lehnen

Partner at McKinsey & Company with 10 years of experience in Pharma/ Generics/ OTC and statutory health insurers. Senior Vice-President “Global Integration Management“ at Watson/Actavis (USA), leading the successful post-merger integration of both companies to become number 3 in the global generics industry and achieving synergies of 300 Mio. USD. Chairman of CJSC "Zio-Zdorovie" (Russian Healthcare Joint Venture).

Dr. med. Gerrit Fleige MBA

6 years strategy consulting at Accenture. CFO of the Medical Faculty of the Charité in Berlin – P&L responsibility of 400 Mio. EUR and achieving the first balanced annual result since the German reunification. Founder of a startup focusing on artificial intelligence-based radiology data analytics. Partner in a boutique consulting firm in digital health.